regenerative, small scale agriculture

Here at haywoodle farm we use the no-till, no-dig organic gardening method popularized by charles dowding. Our practices are also heavily influenced by gardeners such as Eliot Coleman, Youngsang Cho, & Jean-Martin Fortier, just to name a few.


we never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Pests are eaten by wild birds or predatory insects. weeds, or undesirable vegetation, are removed by hand or with a stirrup hoe. soil fertility is improved by adding lots of organic compost and green manure cover crops.    

thoughtful product packaging

Haywoodle farm is committed to closing the loop on post consumer plastics which is why we switched from biodegradable packaging to packaging made from recycled water bottles. 

Unfortunately, there are no facilities in the state of virginia equipped to process PLA compostable bioplastics. This material does not break down in common backyard compost heaps efficiently. it also should not be recycled as it contaminates PET plastics. When a facility should open, we may consider this type of packaging again. until then, the most responsible route we can take is to use materials that can be readily and easily recycled. 

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if you would like more information on alternative recycling, join us on precious plastic, a worldwide community of engineers, artists, machinists, craftspeople, and so many others!